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Nowadays we live in a cocoon of technology, shielding us from vital real-world life lessons. Less screen time and more physical, action-oriented programs like ours are essential for young men to become grounded in actual leadership. We use primitive camping and orienteering to promote the classic U. S. Army leadership values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage!


Instructors are cadets or newly commissioned lieutenants from ROTC programs around Texas. We provide boys hands-on leadership experience and team building skills instead of just talking about them, and we do all this without the trappings of modern camp gear—we use tarps as shelters, not tents. Below you can view past instructors and the founder/director's bio.


Campers must be motivated to attend, because we are not a boot camp for troubled teens, and we don't cancel for rain!

“Civilization shouts, gives orders, writes rules, puts man in institutions, and intimidates him with a thousand irritating directives. In return it offers him protections, soul salvation, and a living if he can find it. Nature looks down on him and broods in silence. The noises of running streams and wind in the trees are its own, not directed at but soothing to him because he heard them before he heard the noises of civilization.”

-Walter Prescott Webb


Brady Willmeth.jpg

Brady Willmeth

U.S. Army Cadet

Stephen F. Austin University

Stone, Jacob.jpg

Jacob Stone

U.S. Army Cadet

Stephen F. Austin University


Austin Byboth

U.S. Army Infantry Officer

Eagle Scout

University of Texas Arlington

Jennings, Matt.JPG

Matt Jennings

U.S. Army Cadet

ROTC Ranger Challenge

Stephen F. Austin University

Hendrix Nunez Cruz.jpg

Hendrix Cruz

U.S. Army Soldier

Texas National Guard

Texas A&M Commerce

Davis Eastman.jpg

Davis Eastman

U.S. Army Cadet


Stephen F. Austin University

Skinner, John.jpg

John Skinner

U.S. Army Cadet

Stephen F. Austin University


Chance Golightly

U.S. Army Cadet

Stephen F. Austin University

Day 2 - 0e_edited.jpg

Dan Newland

U.S. Army Infantry Officer

Ranger School

University of Virginia

Photo Jul 29, 8 49 58 AM_edited.jpg

Jesse Rebollar

U.S. Army Reserves / Cadet

ROTC Ranger Challenge

St. Mary's University

Photo Jul 29, 8 49 58 AM_edited.jpg

Jon Woodlief

U.S Army Soldier

Fort Benning Infantry School

University of North Texas

IMG_1656 2.jpeg

Chris Combest

U.S. Army Cadet

Tarleton State Univ. Cadet Corps

Rory Curtin.jpg

Rory Curtin

U.S. Army Soldier

Military Intelligence School

Texas A&M Commerce


Bryan Spence

Air Force Officer, F-16 Pilot


U.S. Air Force Academy

Photo Jul 25, 4 32 16 PM 2_edited.jpg

Simon Alviar

U.S. Marine Corps Infantryman


Texas A&M University-Commerce

2018 Session #3-58 3.jpg

Tyler Pak

U.S. Army Cadet

ROTC Ranger Challenge

University of Texas

Day 1 - 0b_edited.jpg

Paschal Miller

U.S. Army Cadet

ROTC Ranger Challenge

University of Texas

Squad STX 2018 Session #1-36 2.jpg

Dan Izaguirre

U.S. Army Armor Officer

Texas A&M University Cadet Corps

2018 Session #3-58 2.jpg

Bill Binning

U.S. Army Infantry Officer

Texas A&M University Cadet Corps

Squad STX 2018 Session #1-12a 2.jpg

Ben Kenneaster

U.S. Army Cadet

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

IMG_1330 2.jpeg

Dalton Andrews

U.S. Army Field Artillery Officer

University of North Texas

IMG_1552 2.jpeg

Paxton Layman

U.S. Army Cadet

Eagle Scout

Tarleton State Univ. Cadet Corps

IMG_1330 3.jpeg

Pierre Gutierrez

U.S. Army Infantry Officer

Saint Mary's University

Founder Bio

The owner and director of Squad STX is a former U.S. Army infantry captain from Tyler, Texas. Dustin commissioned from Texas A&M and spent most of his life running around in the woods, mountains, and deserts, serving mostly in 1/1 AD and 172 SIB in Germany, Iraq, and El Paso.


After a couple years at KPMG in strategy consulting, Dustin started Squad STX in 2018 with the intent of combining situational training exercises (STX) with Boy Scout and Pine Cove experiences to create tough, fun methods for boys to learn real leadership: "Less kumbaya, more hooah!" 

Consummate trainer and planner who is expert in developing systems...one of the most dedicated and professional company commanders with whom I have had the privilege to serve.



Dustin Stewart_edited.jpg

Best infantry company commander in my battalion...the most effective trainer of all my company commanders in all facets of preparing teams and squads...exceptional leader and represents the best of what we seek in our tactical commanders.

Dustin Stewart Squad STX.jpg

Ability to mentor numerous young lieutenants, focus senior non-commissioned officers, and motivate his peers to accomplish a host of tasks was exceptional...superior to peers in work ethic, maturity, intellect, and leadership skills..gifted planner and strategist.



Dustin Stewart.png

One of the best lieutenants I have observed in over 17 years of service...peerless intellect, uncommon ruggedness, and a charismatic leadership style...coolness under pressure and deliberate problem-solving techniques, even during periods of unbelievable stress.


Led his platoon through tough combat in Ramadi, Iraq and led from the front...relaxed and maintains composure through extremely stressful situations...natural leader.

Mastered the art of engagement in the embattled, but strategic city of Tal’Afar, Iraq...one of my top three of 21 maneuver platoon leaders.

Military Badge
Big Red  One.png
Military Badge
Boys Camping Troop Figure Graphic

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